Service & Repair

Full Range of uPVC & Mechanism Repair

Without proper maintenance windows and doors can easily develop problems in their internal mechanisms, making operation difficult (or impossible) and over time condensation can develop inside sealed units.

We provide a full range of affordable repair & maintenance services on windows, doors & conservatories to help extend the life of your installation without the need for replacement.

Misted Unit Replacement

Misted sealed units are a common occurrence for home owners, usually as a result of a faulty seal or poor drainage, and can cause stability problems and dampness even affecting your heating costs.

Oglesby Installations provides a quick and affordable service to rectify this and ensure the seals on your window are watertight and the proper drainage to make sure the problem does not return.

Window & Door Mechanisms

Over time window and door hinges, handles, locks and gears can deteriorate making them difficult or even impossible to operate. This can cause problems with alignment (leading to drafts & damp creeping in) and ultimately the security of your installation.

Oglesby Installations are able to offer a full suite of services to renew the life of all working parts of your window or door and restore peace of mind.

This includes but is not limited to fixing loose or damaged handles, realigning doors & windows, fixing damaged hinges and replacing damaged or compromised locks.